Sick Season is Upon Us

If your child is sick with a cold or flu and you aren't sure what to do - here is how you can help your child stay comfortable and on their way to back playing!  Even if your child has a fever after taking medication - that is OK!   We are more concerned with how your child is acting - if they are able to take meds, drink fluids and appear alert - then their body is doing a great job of fighting the infection.   

When to schedule an appointment:

  • Fever over 100.4 for more than 5 days
  • Difficult Breathing - fast breaths, nostrils flaring, retractions (skin sucking in between or under ribs)
  • Dehydration - less than 3 wet diapers/24hrs or longer than 12 hours without urine for older kids
  • Worsening symptoms after 7 days

When to go to the Emergency Room:

  • Fever over 100.4 (rectally) in an infant <28 days
  • Child unresponsive or in respiratory distress


We realize for a child to reach their full potential they need to read and read well!  All be 3% of children can reach this goal, but we are seeing far too many kids fall behind.  Kids that are behind do not catch up without intervention. 




Rebecca Bobincheck - our new literacy specialist - is now a Hope Scholarship Provider!  She is offering tutoring for our Cardinal kids thru the online Lexercise and UFLI platforms. We can offer discounted pricing for both the Tutored Version and the Parent Supported version. Check it out at and email us any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Or for a more visual guide to the many resources ~ check this out:




Flu Vaccine is now Available

The flu vaccine is now available in all clinics.  Getting your flu vaccine is easy, quick, safe and covered by most insurances ~ $35 for our self pay patients. We are starting to see flu in our clinics, so please do not delay!  Make it a family affair and get the entire family vaccinated at one visit.  Sorry, we don't accept Medicare insurance. 

Call/Text 304-599-8000 to schedule today!  Self schedule at


Self-scheduling available

Goto and choose your preferred location and provider to schedule a day/time that works for you.

Please schedule the CORRECT visit type. For Mental Health visits (anxiety, depression, etc) and ADHD visits, please use the correct visit type. Do not schedule these visits in an Acute or Sick Visit slot or WE WILL CANCEL the appointment. We value all our caregiver's time and want our clinics to run smoothly - with sufficient time to focus on each patient. 

If your child is sick wtih a cold or flu and you aren't sure what to do - here is how you can help your child stay comfortable and on their way to back playing!


Policy Changes

As we move away from the pandemic, there are certain procedures that are changing to better support our populations and follow all of the latest regulations:

  • Antibiotics WILL NOT be given over the phone or after hours.  We must have a physical exam and determine a treatment plan in order to prescribe.  We do not want your child to be antibiotic resistant for when they really need it!
  • Medications WILL NOT be filled by our On Call providers or on weekends. This includes ADHD/Anxiety/Depression/etc meds.  This is a HIGHLY monitored substance, as it should be, and should be a discussion with you and your doctor.  Please get in the habit to check if your child's medication needs refilled! Authorizations for certain medications take time – please give us a week.  Always ensure your follow up appts are scheduled before leaving our office.  Text now to schedule if you need one - 304-599-8000.  Teamwork! 

Fighting the Medication Shortages!


Many pharmacies do not currently have antibiotics in stock.  If you were prescribed an antibiotic, please: 

  1. Call your usual pharmacy to check its in stock before going 
  2. If they are out, CALL pharmacies in your area and ask if your antibiotic is available 
  3. If so, ASK the pharmacist to transfer your prescription 
  4. Pick up your antibiotic!

Cardinal Pediatrics does not need to transfer most antibiotic prescriptions - you can do that yourself!

ADHD Medications

We are moving to paper scripts. This allows you to physically take your script to the pharmacy that has your medication. Please remember to fill these medications at least 5 days ahead of time to allow for prior authorizations to be completed if needed.We are unable to 'e-scribe' a script to a different pharmacy if a paper script has been given out.

Please always make sure to schedule your follow-up visits in advance so we have plenty of time to deal with these shortages.