Our Billing Team will gladly work with any individual.    We have VERY liberal payment plans and just ask that you keep in contact with us so make arrangements.  If we do not hear from you, after 90 days our policy is to send you to our collection agency.    Please ALWAYS compare your bill to the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that you receive from the insurance company.     


Feel free to contact by:

  • Calling our main number, 304-599-8000.  Our staff will take a message and we will get back with you
  • Feel free to txt our main number, 304-599-8000.  If you have an insurance card change - txt us the pic!  We will respond with 24 hours. 
  • You can always use our Patient Portal for a secure messaging system
  • You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well 


At Cardinal Pediatrics we want to take care of your child and your family.  We want you part of our Cardinal family.  Please call to work and discuss anything with us.  This current insurance industry is TOUGH.  We understand that.  We truly try to work with each and every family.