We have compiled a list of resources to help with dealing with COVID-19, managing symptoms, and helping family members.  Its a scary time for all of us, so if you have questions, please always feel free to contact us!   Several of our patients are managing COVID-19 along with RSV and Flu.

Please remember that we are always there for you and schedule if needed at www.cardinalpediatrics.com/schedule

Do you have other questions? You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or text us at 304-599-8000. 

We are so happy to now partner with Q-Labs.  You will be able to see YOUR own result on line within 24-48 hours, from the time of our visit.   Q-Labs is a West Virginia lab located in Charleston, WV.  They provide us with a courier service to get your results as quick as they can! The best part, they also follow the new CDC standards for collection with an easy swab - no more touching the brain.   Please feel free to schedule a visit today. 

Caring for Family Members with COVID-19

* RSV 

* Current Quarantine Instructions