We want to hear from you if you have an emergency. 
Please reserve this line for true emergency situations and know that our providers cannot prescribe medications over the phone. 
We can also NOT refill Controlled Medications over the phone.

Non-emergency calls will result in a $25 charge.

Cardinal Emergency after-hours Line # 866-776-6486


Most insurance companies have free 24/7 Nurse Advice lines, see your Insurance Card for details.


Our Information Sheets can answer many of your questions. Here are our tops ones:

Emergency Needs

  • Medications that were noted in clinic, not at the pharmacy
  • Difficulty Breathing - fast breaths, nostrils flaring, retractions (skin sucking in between or under ribs)
  • Fever >100.4F for infants

Non-Emergency Needs

  • Lice
  • Pinworms
  • Pink Eye
  • Needing an appointment - sorry, our providers cannot schedule appointments.  Please use self-schedule at www.cardinalpediatrics.com/schedule or call/text 304-599-8000 during clinic hours 

Unfortunately, we are unable to do much for many sicknesses at night - such as strep throat or an ear infection.  So please refer to the medication chart to make your child as comfortable as possible and self-schedule an appointment for the following morning to be seen.