We want to hear from you if you have a true emergency, but unfortunately, our line is getting filled with non-emergencies.  We will have a $25 charge on all calls we deem non-emergency.   Our emergency after hours line is 866-776-6486.   Most insurance companies have a nurse on call to handle non-emergency questions and feel free to look for our informational sheets. 

Emergency Needs

  • Medications that were noted in clinic, not at the pharmacy
  • Difficulty Breathing - fast breaths, nostrils flaring, retractions (skin sucking in between or under ribs)
  • Fever >100.4F for infants

Non-Emergency Needs

  • Lice
  • Pinworms
  • Pink Eye
  • Needing an appointment - sorry, our providers cannot schedule appointments.  Please use self-schedule at www.cardinalpediatrics.com/schedule or call/text 304-599-8000 during clinic hours 

Unfortunately, we are unable to do much for many sicknesses at night - such as strep throat or an ear infection.  So please refer to the medication chart to make your child as comfortable as possible and self-schedule an appointment for the following morning to be seen.