We follow the standard immunization schedule recommended by the AAP and the CDC.  If you have questions about the vaccine, please refer to the Immunization Action Coalition , or refer to www.healthychildren.org.  The Immunization Action Coalition provides all vaccine fact sheets and many answers to questions and concerns for parents and caregivers in many languages. If you decide not to vaccinate, please fill out the following form and bring to all Well Child Checks: Refusal to Vaccinate.

Influenza Vaccination recommended for all children 6 months and above, Flu Shot available


Current Schedule is as follows:

Newborn - Hepatitis B

1 Month - Hepatitis B

2 Month - Rotavirus, Prevnar (Pneumococcal), Pentacel (DTAP, IPV, HIB)

4 Month - Rotavirus, Prevnar (Pneumococcal), Pentacel (DTAP, IPV, HIB)

6 Month - Rotavirus, Prevnar (Pneumococcal), Pentacel (DTAP, IPV, HIB)

9 Month - Hepatitis B

12 Month - MMR, Variecella, Hepatits A. We will also do a small finger stick for Hemoglobin and Lead Level

15 Month - Prevnar (Pneumococcal), Pentacel (DTAP, IPV, HIB)

18-24 Months - Hepatitis A (6 months must between HepA #1 & HepA #2)

Age 2 - 2nd Lead Level for Medicaid or High Risk Patients

Age 4/5 - DTap, IPV, MMRV

Starting at Age 11/12 - Menactra (Meningococcal),  HPV (series of 2 or 3),  Tetanus Booster (Tdap)

Age 16/17 - Menactra #2, Trumemba (series of 2)