You are about ready to embark on the transition of a lifetime.  We are here to help.   We are a team that will help you survive all the trials and tribulations of being a parent.   Please take the time to schedule a 'Meet the Provider' so you can find the provider that you trust.   This is a free visit where you come into our office and sit and chat with the provider.  Feel free to ask them questions and their opinions.  We are a happy group and we are ready to enter into this relationship together. 


Cardinal Pediatrics follows all AAP guidelines and standards.   If you are trying to make decisions such as breast feeding, please come in and chat with our providers.  Many new parents don't realize that our providers having training in breast feeding and can help you through it.  We also fully support you if you decide to formula feed.  Once again, these are wonderful discussions to have between you and your provider.  You need to do what is best for YOUR family and YOUR situation.