Cardinal Pediatrics is now attacking reading for our Cardinal kiddos.   We want to make sure our kids are reading AT GRADE level and not behind.  Kids that are behind do not catch up without intervention.    Reading is not a natural process.  Learning to crawl and walk are natural processes.   Reading is a learned process and must be taught.   Yes, it does come easier to some than others, but 97% of kids CAN learn to read.   If your child is not at reading level, please schedule an appointment immediately to address it!   We follow the current national standard of the Science of Reading and Structured Word Literacy.  


Please screen here if you are worried! 

We believe in a 3 phase approach:

  • Ensure your Pediatrician/Teachers know what is going on
  • Do a Structured Literacy Approach - no more than 30-45 minutes a day at their READING level  
    • See options below.  Worried about cost? CALL US!! Free Consolutations. Cardinal Pediatrics believes ALL children should have the opportunity to learn to read. 
  • READ to your child or use Audiobook at the child's AGE and interest level.  Make sure the books are READ to them and ask them comprehension questions. The goal is to increase their vocabulary and comprehension. 30 minutes a day.  Do not do the read every other page method. This will frustrate the child and cause them to hate books.   


We currently support the following resources.  For a child to be successful, they really need to learn to read and use audiobooks to supplement their langauge skills.  

  • University of Florida Literacy Institute
    • A FREE resource for years Pre-K-2nd grade.   Follows a complete curriculum.   Currently used by SEVERAL schools in West Virginia. You can use the extra resources to help your child succeed at their level.   
    • Videos showing the implementation
    • Cardinal Pediatrics has now hired their own tutor (Rebecca Bobincheck) to implement the Lexercise program. Rebecca is fully certified in structured word literacy (Neihaus and Lexercise) and soon her IDA (International Dyslexia Certification).   
    • We have found most children can be at grade level reading in 10 months, regardless of where they start.     
    • There are 2 versions - BASIC and TUTORED.  Please contact us if scholarship is needed. 
    • Worried about cost? CALL US!! Free Consultations. Cardinal Pediatrics believes ALL children should have the opportunity to learn to read. 
  • Learning Ally (Best for Dyslexics)
    • All kids can learn to love books and the written story through Audiobooks!  You want them to develop learning to build pictures in their mind of the story to help with reading comprehension and vocabulary. 
  • WV Public Libraries 
    • Large selection of Audio Books


For tutoring services -  please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 304-599-8000.   You can use your HSA funds for the tutor.  We are currently in process of becoming certified for the HOPE Scholarship.