School Procedures according to WV Policy Number 2419

  • Parent must request IN WRITING that their child be evaluated if the parent is concerned about Learning issues
  • Within 5 days, there will be a meeting schedule for a SAT team
    • SAT - Student Assistance Team made up of educators to assist your child
  • Within 10 days, they will review current situation and make recommendations
  • There may be a 45 days period where recommendations are assessed to see if they work
  • If testing is determined, the district now has 80 days to conduct testing
  • You can get outside testing, however, school do NOT have to take the results. 

Our teachers do a really great job and want the best for your child. 
Please remember, they may never have been taught about your child's learning difference.  
Please feel free to use these handouts and form a partnership with your child's teacher! We are all on the same side.
Most teachers will allow accommodations without an IEP/504.