COVID Changes! 

Please see all of our COVID resources including handouts on quarantining and isolating.  We have an exciting new change - we are using Q-Labs out of Charleston, WV.   This means results to you within 24-48 hours AND you can look them up yourself!!  We are very, very excited to make this change. They have also made the swab process less invasive.     We have also experienced a FLOOD of calls.    We have expanded our phone system and hired more staff.  Please remember, you can always email us securely (use the link above) as well to get a timely answer to your question or forms and you can schedule online.    Our Doctors, PNPs, PA, and entire staff have been working tirelessly to continue to provide care to both wells and sick children in a very trying time.  Give them an air high five when you see them!  


We also NOW carry the COVID vaccine!! We will be scheduling those on FRIDAY afternoon ONLY, due to the vaccine requirements for temperature.    We will vaccinate your ENTIRE family, so please consider scheduling the FLU and the COVID vaccine at the same time.  BOOM - one stop shop to PROTECT your family!!


Meet YOUR Provider

Cardinal Pediatrics' goal is for you to find the provider you LOVE and make them part of your care team for your child.   We offer all of the advantages of a bigger clinic such as texting, online scheduling, patient portal, emailing forms, 24 hour emergency call backs, but a small clinic at each individual location where your child really can learn our staff.  We want our patients to ONLY schedule with the provider they love for wells and re-occurring conditions, but have access to the same day sick visit when your child has a simple ear infection or a cold with a board certified pediatric provider. 

Schedule your Well Child Check

We want to make sure nothing is stopping your child from reaching their full potential! Yearly exams give providers and caregivers a chance to discuss and track your child's health, development and overall well being.  Along with the recommended immunizations, yearly exams are required for students entering 2nd, 7th and 12th grade in WV. They are typically covered by your insurance.  

We will also fill out all Sports Physical Forms for FREE for 6 months following a well child check exam.  

Just call/text us at 304-599-8000 for information or email us the form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are already seeing success with our new initiative - #CardinalKidsCanRead! We are providing free access to software ( for those kids who might learn to read a little differently. Please look for the following signs in your child and let's get them on the path to success! Common signs include: parent with an issue spelling, Speech Delay, Difficulty Rhyming, Sequencing of Events, Saying ‘psghatti’ instead of spaghetti, among others. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up today!


Self-scheduling available

Goto and choose your preferred location and provider to schedule a day/time that works for you.


Waiting Rooms are Open

We have opened up the waiting rooms.  We will continue to text you the day of your appointment.  If you would rather wait in your car, just text us back when you arrive at the clinic and we will check you in!  Otherwise, just come inside to check in at the front desk.  If you are having any issues texting, please come inside to check-in. We typically see people within 5 minutes of appointment time, so please don't wait in your car.


Telemedicine Available

For those appointments where a face to face visit is not required, Cardinal Pediatrics offers Telemedicine Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-1PM. Through the privacy of your own home, we will set you up on a video conference call through your smartphone or computer.  The visit will run much like an office visit.  You must, however, complete the Phreesia pre-registration prior to your appointment time. If your provider decides you need to be seen, you won't be charged for the telemedicine visit, and a nurse will schedule you for an office visit.  

Types of telemed appointments include:

Most insurances are still allowing telemedicine visits.  However, please check with your insurance on the cost.  We are no longer able to promise a no charge telemedicine visit as many insurances are changing how they process these claims.